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Rackless MotoBags - Semi-Rigid Motorcycle Bags - Lone Rider


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Rackless MotoBags - Semi-Rigid Motorcycle Bags - Lone Rider
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RackLess MotoBags - Semi-Rigid Motorcycle Bags - Lone Rider

RACKLESS MotoBags – the Ultimate Plug & Play system for your BMW!

The development of our Rackless MotoBags for BMW GS-bikes has now transitioned into a full-scale production!

You can install the Rackless MotoBags on your GS in less than 10 seconds as it utilizes the same attachment points as BMW's Vario system.


Rackless Motorcycle Bags

 Why get the Rackless system?

 Faster mounting than racked MotoBags

 New, stronger & flexible backplate made from High Density Polyethylene

 Lighter than racked MotoBags (pannier racks included)

 Locking with the key is not necessary for secure mounting

Check out our video presentation:



5 reasons to get our Rackless MotoBags

  1. Less dangerous than hard cases in the event of a fall / tip-over

  2. 100% waterproof & dustproof

  3. Higher weight capacity than soft bags

  4. Attractive shape is maintained, allowing better organization/access of gear compared to soft luggage

  5. Integrated Rackless Quick Release System

 Add and Remove Rackless MotoBags

Key Features

Our Rackless MotoBags are packed with great features to make your adventures as easy and trouble-free as possible when it comes to storing and accessing your gear.

Rackless Motorcycle Panniers

1. Semi-rigid design.
The Rackless MotoBags are made from the soft yet extremely durable material Hypalon, and thanks to the stiffening innerboard + innerplate the Rackless MotoBags keep the same shape as hardcases but flex during a crash or tipover.

2. M.O.L.L.E. panels.
The Rackless MotoBags are equipped with the old military attachment system on the front & back and top & bottom. Here you can attach our smaller bags (MiniBags, MicroBags, TallBags, Bottle Holders) or your own gear that is M.O.L.L.E. compatible.

3. Corner protection.
The most exposed parts of the Rackless MotoBags are its bottom corners. Whether you're doing hardcore offroading or riding fast in the corners of twisties, the rubber protectors can easily be replaced if necessary.

4. Velcro plate.
Personalize your Rackless MotoBags with the flag of your country or attach your own velcro patches - the choice is yours!

5. Rolltop closure.
No leaking rubber sealings or zippers. The Rackless MotoBags close with a Heavy Duty rolltop closure to ensure the elements stay out from your apparel.

6. Heavy-duty handles.
Mounting and removal of your Rackless MotoBags is done quick and easy.

7. Rackless Quick Release System.
The Rackless Rackless MotoBags have a smooth and simple-to-use connection system that utilizes the same attachment points as BMW's Vario system.

8. Heavy duty closing straps.
Available in Black (preinstalled on all Rackless MotoBags), Blue, Orange, Red and Yellow.
View all straps.

9. Locking clamp.
Secure your gear by locking your Rackless MotoBags with the included padlock.



 Product Specs

 Dimensions and weight

Complete MotoBag incl inner bag

31 L: 7.47 kg / 16.47 lbs (Exhaust side)

38 L: 7.27 kg / 16.03 lbs 

Rackless MotoBags Dimmensions

— Materials used

Body: Hypalon

Straps: 600D Webbing

Buckles: Duraflex Warriors

Innerboard / Innerplate: Polyethulene

Innerbag: 500D PVC Tarpaulin

Backplate: High-Density Polyethylene

Offset Assembly: Hard Anodised (min 20μm) 5052 Aluminum Alloy

Locking handle: Hard Anodised (min 20μm) 5052 Aluminum Alloy

Hooks: Overlmolded polymers with steel plate inserts

 What's included in the Rackless MotoBags system?

Each set is delivered "Ready-to-Ride" and includes:

— Attachment units incl HDPE backplates
— Hypalon outer bags
— Complete strap system
— Inner bags
— Inner boards
— Combination padlocks
— Accessory kit + Goodie bag

The required adaptor comes included with your Rackless MotoBags if you order the "BMW R1250/1200 GS Adventure (31+38L)" option.

You can also order from the OEM Standard GS passenger footpeg set from your local BMW dealer, see the fitment guide above for specific part numbers.

 Does it fit my bike?

MotoBags Flow Chart

 Link to racked quick release MotoBags



The 1st version of our new Rackless MotoBags is made for the GS-range from BMW and utilizes the same attachment points as BMW's Vario system. If you have GS Adventure-type passenger footpegs, there is an adaptor set we can supply. The other option is to purchase the Standard GS passenger footpeg set from BMW (F850GS, R1200GS and R1250GS).

The following bikes are compatible:

— BMW R1200GS 2013-2018
— BMW R1200GS Adventure 2014-2018 *
— BMW R1250GS 2019-2023
— BMW R1250GS Adventure 2019-2023 *

— BMW F850GS 2018-2023 **
— NOTE: BMW F850GS Trophy is NOT compatible (luggage rack interferes)
— BMW F850GS Adventure 2018-2023 **

— BMW F750GS 2018-2023 **

* R1200/1250 GS Adventure

Generally, these motorcycles come with a passenger footpeg that is not compatible with the Vario system. This bike requires the Lone Rider passenger footpeg adaptor set, this adaptor comes included with your Rackless MotoBags if you order the "BMW R1250/1200 GS Adventure (31+38L)" option. Or order from OEM passenger footpeg set for R1200/1250GS from your local BMW dealership. Part numbers and quantities: 1pcs: 46718556264, 1pcs: 46718556265, and 2pcs: 46718556271

Rackless passenger footpeg adaptor for R1200/1250 GS Adventure


Rackless mounting

The photo above shows our Foot Peg Adaptor on an R1200/1250GS Adventure. This adaptor comes included with your Rackless MotoBags if you order the "BMW R1250/1200 GS Adventure (31+38L)" option.


** F750 / F850GS
Generally, these motorcycles come with the Vario compatible passenger footpegs. If not, then order from the OEM passenger footpeg set for F750GS/F850GS/GS Adventure from your local BMW dealership:
Part numbers and quantities: 1pcs: 46718564830, 1pcs : 46718564829, and 2pcs: 46718556271


Rackless passenger footpeg adaptor for F750 / F850GS


Brand - Lone Rider

Country of Origin: CHINA
Quantity: 1N
Country of Import: CHINA
Importer Address: A&R O2O Commerce Pvt Ltd. 2nd Floor, 86/47 8th Main, 13th Cross, Wilson Garden, Bangalore 560027 Contact Customer Service Manager (at above address) +91 844 844 9050 |

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