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Muc-Off Helmet, Visor & Goggle Cleaning Kit

Muc-Off Helmet, Visor & Goggle Cleaning Kit


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Muc-Off Helmet, Visor & Goggle Cleaning Kit

Are you tired of cleaning your helmet and goggles with pieces of tissue or the sleeve of your jersey? Then this kit’s for you! The Visor, Lens and Goggle cleaning Kit is ideal for keeping in your ride pack for quick and safe cleaning on the move. It quickly removes dust, mud, insects, soot and oily residue from your helmet and goggles leaving a streak free finish. Each kit contains a premium quality microfiber cloth that has been specifically designed to clean delicate finishes. The pack also includes Muc-Off’s Helmet, Visor & Goggle Cleaner (30ml) spray bottle containing an advanced pH balanced, biodegradable cleaning formula.

Muc-Off’s Helmet, Visor & Goggle Cleaner quickly and safely removes dirt, dust, grime, snow, sweat and oily residue from all helmets, eye wear and goggles. Its been formulated using de-ionized water as recommended by many helmet manufacturers and it’s safe to use on all lens materials including polycarbonate! It gets rid of smudges and streaks on your visor and googles, giving you crystal clear vision when shredding and getting filthy. Visor, Lens & Goggle Cleaner is also anti-bacterial and uses pH neutral soaps. And you don’t have to worry about the formula either! It’s fully biodegradable and contains no solvents or harmful chemicals. It’s perfect for cleaning motorcycle goggles, cycling glasses and goggles as well as snowboard and ski goggles. It can also be used on your motorcycle’s lights and mirrors.

Muc-Off’s Premium Microfiber Cloth isn’t just a plain cloth. It’s you’re gateway to effortless cleaning, drying and polishing power at your fingertips! Muc-Off Microfiber cloths contain an amazing ‘split-fiber’ technology that vastly increases surface area absorbency to easily eliminate smears and blemishes. This Microfiber Cloth is an ideal size for carrying around and is also machine washable.

Get the HD view for your goggles or helmet visor with Muc-Off’s state-of-the-art cleaning kit!


Visor, Lens & Google Cleaning Kit

Muc-Off Helmet, Visor & Goggle Cleaner
Removes dirt, dust, grime, snow, sweat and oily residue from all helmet visors, eye wear and goggles
Formulated using de-ionized water
pH neutral formula as recommended by helmet manufacturers
Free from solvents and harmful chemicals; 100% biodegradable

Muc-Off Helmet & Visor Microfiber Cloth
Designed for delicate finishes
Premium quality microfiber
Ideal size for carrying around
Machine washable

Brand - Muc-Off, UK

Part No. - 20802

Country of Origin: UNITED KINGDOM
Generic Name: BIKE CARE
Quantity: 4N
Country of Import: UNITED KINGDOM
Importer Address: Ground Floor No.3, 1st Main Rd, 4th Block, HBR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka-560043