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Dr. Wack Chemie

Maintenance - Dr. Wack Chemie


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Maintenance - Dr. Wack Chemie

Corrosion Protectant Reliable and effective protection against corrosion
  • S100 Corrosion Protectant is the advancement on S100 Motorcycle Total Care. It reliably protects all metal parts against corrosion and stops existing corrosion in its tracks. With improved penetration, S100 Corrosion Protection now provides even better action in hard to reach places and in nooks and crannies.
  • S100 Corrosion Protection is better than wax because it forms a ”self-healing”, transparent protective film that closes immediately again after being touched. That makes S100 Corrosion Protectant the best protection for winter lay up. Lubricates and displaces moisture.
Scratch Removing Polish Same can be used for paints and plastics
  • Scratches are removed for good and not just covered up.
  • Scratches are removed without creating new one while polishing.
  • The result is a highly brilliant surface and colour depth.
  • Easy and quick application.
  • Silicone-free.
Paint+Plastic Polish Deep gloss on all smooth surfaces
  • Deep gloss on all smooth surfaces, such as painted metal parts (unicolour, multicolour, metallic paints), restored and weathered paint, varnished plastics, dyed plastics, Perspex panels and visors (not mirrored), decorative stickers etc...
  • Removes fine scratches and matt patches from all smooth surfaces.
  • Seals polished surfaces with integrated wax components, making them water-repellent.
  • Easy to use. Solvent-free, so will not attack any decorative stickers. Very economical.

Metal Polish
Metal polish for all metals parts

  • Removes traces of corrosion, surface rust, blind spots and scratches
  • Removes discoloration from the exhaust system
  • Gives a shining mirror finish
  • Can be buffed up with ease, without smearing
  • No danger of polishing in new scratches

Brand - Dr. Wack Chemie, Germany

Country of Origin: GERMANY
Quantity: 1N
Country of Import: GERMANY
Importer Address: Plusgrow Merchantry Pvt Ltd (CIN U51909MH2018PTC318387) Bharti House, 43 Kachipura, New Ramdaspeth, Nagpur, MH 440010

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