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Andy Strapz

Flat Stretchable Straps - Andy Strapz

Flat Stretchable Straps - Andy Strapz

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Andy Straps are made in Australia. Unlike most straps these are wider, stretchable and come with a D-Ring at the end with Adventure ready Velcro functioning.

Two inch wide elastic luggage straps with a heavy duty hook and loop fastener for a strong, safe join.

Have a look at the images to see different ways of using them

Wrap them around an item and an anchor point. Flat Strapz will hold tight without cutting in, sliding off or rolling to the centre.  

To choose the size

Place the item where you want it (usually on the rack) and measure around it rack and all.  This is the size you need as the stretch in the straps provides the overlap.  If you plan to use any of the methods seen above the same applies.  Remember, the stretch in the strap provides the overlap.

Below is a very rough guide to the common sizes and how we use them. Remember you can't make them longer but you can make them shorter.


Available Sizes:

  • 0.75m - Enough for a tent :- AS FW750
  • 1 m - Enough for a tent and a small bag :- AS FW1000
  • 1.25m - A big sized bag  :- AS FW1200
  • 1.5m - Enough for most  :- AS FW1500

Sold as pairs.




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