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Evo Folding Clutch and Short Brake Lever set - Kawasaki ZX6R Performance (2019 - 2021)


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Features of EP Evo Folding Clutch Lever & Short Brake Lever Set

  • Designed by Evotech Performance using state of the art design software – and riding experience
  • Anatomically correct deep radiused edges along each lever length for comfort, feel and style
  • Clutch Lever blade pivots upwards upon contact with a solid object to help prevent breakage –manually returns to original position
  • Clutch Lever held firmly in place by tensioned spring and bearing and cannot accidentally be moved out of position
  • Brake lever is a non-folding Evo Short (two-finger) Lever
  • Short Evo Brake Lever features ‘snap-point’ at ball end
  • Six-position adjustment span via an anodised adjuster on both levers to suit varying finger lengths
  • Adjustment position shown via machined indents
  • 17mm typical (+/- 1mm) lever span adjustment range (measured at lever midpoint)
  • Lever blade and bracket mount union machined from billet aluminium
  • Stainless steel CNC-machined clevis pins, retaining clips and, where supplied, piston adjustment screw/barrel and tension retaining spring
  • Scalloped machining to rear of lever reduces weight while retaining strength
  • CNC-machined bracket mount unions for a precise and fuss-free install of OE components
  • Lever ball-end dimensions meet statutory requirements
  • Durable black anodise finish on lever blades and bracket mount unions
  • Red durable anodise finish on span adjusters
  • Alternative colour (green, silver, blue, black, gold, orange, titanium) span adjusters available from our EP Accessories section
  • Levers and bracket mount unions feature Evotech Performance brand logos
  • Video fitting instructions available for download

What is an EP Evo Folding Clutch & Short Brake Lever Set


Quite simply, a quality, British-designed, full-length aftermarket “folding” clutch lever and “short” brake lever set that are fully adjustable, stylish and are less prone to break in the event of spill, or simple drop of the bike to enable you to carry on riding. The Evo Folding Clutch Lever features a pivot point that allows the lever to move upwards when it is struck by a solid object. The pivot point features a tensioned spring system to hold the lever in place as per a standard lever, so it cannot accidentally be moved by the rider’s hands/fingers. The Evo Short Brake Lever (aka “two-finger”) is shorter than an OE brake lever, this means the lever’s ball end is positioned closer to the chassis, away from the handlebar end to reduce risk of damage. All Evotech Evo brake and clutch levers feature a six-way finger span adjuster to fine tune the ideal lever position.
 Are they for road or track day use, and are they safe to be used on the road?Evo Folding Clutch & Short Brake Lever Sets are designed for road, track day and even off-road excursions on ADV bikes – basically any riding situation you would normally ride your road-going motorcycle. With regards to them being safe to use – they are very safe. Each component part has been designed by Evotech Performance engineers to deal with the rigours of OE clutch and brake levers. The Evo Folding Clutch Lever has the added benefit of a pivot system to allow the lever to pivot upwards when hit by a solid object, reducing the risk of the lever breaking and leaving you stranded. The Evotech Evo Short Brake Lever is shorter than a standard-length lever, this means the lever’s ball end is positioned closer to the chassis, away from the handlebar end to reduce risk of damage.

Brand - Evotech Performance

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