Bike ‘N’ Biker (BnB) was founded in 2015 by four passionate riders who had challenging experiences when buying riding related products for their bikes and themselves.

At BnB, we wake up every morning with the desire to make best possible shopping experience for bikers online and in-store.

We partner with world’s leading brands for motorcycle accessories and gear vendors to provide you the range of additions that you will be exploring.

Our business model is not only to help you purchase the products online or in-store, but also assist you to reliably fit the same, through capable and competent service providers and dealers in major cities of India.

All our energies are focused on providing our riders with genuine, highest quality products, value for money and most importantly, good honest advice. BnB trusted by thousands of riders and is helping them take those important decisions on what to buy.

BnB brings an unparalleled shopping experience and provides you with end to end solutions for your riding needs. We learnt it on the ground and we are ready to change it!


Brand Associations




Bikenbiker is a collaboration and partnership model driven organisation, that shapes our culture, communications, services and customer satisfaction.

Our 3 core values, drive the company growth, relationships with employees, customers, business partners, stakeholders, friends, family and well-wishers. We hold performance of business as the best measure to ensure we do well in the community, and stick to our value system that enables us to stay grounded at the same time

  1. You are most important on the front

We will enable the person who handles your relationship to ensure excellent service, wherein he will overdeliver any commitment and surprise you pleasantly every time you get in touch with us. It doesn’t matter whether you are exploring or just getting the pertinent data, you will find your answers whenever you need them. We have no other business!

  1. It important that you know

When we started in the garage that we first rented, we knew anything that will bring you us is for the reason we would understand your requirements clearly and present what we could do for you as a provider. No we didn’t want to approach it as ‘push what we have’. We do not hesitate to point you in the right direction if we are unable to fulfil your requirements as a choice, due to technical limitations or not within your budgets. We will be happy provide you a way to alternatives that may fulfil your requirements. We haven’t hesitated to collaborate with competition either!

  1. Consulting is free!

We spend more than half of our time collectively even during busiest days to ensure you get the right solution for your bike or your own use. We add value by learning products, forming an opinion and being able to make a real choice or recommendation when asked. Bnb believes in transparency, and we keep our advise impartially objective for you to make up your mind on your requirements. A direct and honest relationship.



At Bikenbiker we belive that social responsibility is an ethical framework we have an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large. It is a is a duty every individual at BnB, has to perform so as to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystems.

We put our energies into the five pillars of social responsibility and continue to look for adding more as we feel the need:


Philanthropic Efforts

Within the community and outside we have started donating our small way and steadily increasing our efforts as an organisation and individuals within. We do make use of a lot of material that can be reused, we ensure they are donated to the nearest NGO we interact with, Seva With Action. 


Environmental Conservation

At BnB we use recycled paper for all our related work as far as possible. We use recycled material, paper, boxes for all our shipment, which not only saves costs but largely serves the purpose of not creating more of these. 99% of our customers also are provided with electronic bills and POS tickets, and its provided if only insisted upon.


Company Diversity and Labor Practices

For the small team that we work with, we would like to ensure that we provide them with a fair market compensation and work hours in our environment. As we are growing we have put in place various work benefits, rewards and recognition around which we can create healthy work environment for our staff. As a long term investment into our top performers we have also marked aside ESOP, to enable their long term service benefits. We do understand employees will always come first for us to fuel our growth and expanding presence.


Supporting Volunteer Efforts

As individuals we do encourage volunteer effort. There are times rider community also works for causes or purely educational adventure. We sponsor these initiatives whenever we see an effort aligning with our thought process and ideologies. We do believe it would also be fair to encourage riders community or individuals to attain or achieve certain unique milestones


Participating in fair trade

At BnB this is one of the strongest virtues that we practice and preach. In the market that is competitive and where benefits are equally distributed for the trading community, we certainly believe that we work fairly with all our partners and establish a network that work in complete tandem with fair pricing, benefits and services to its customers. Our deviations and exceptions are well published to our partners and through this transparency we ensure we always provide fair deal to our community that consumes our products.