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V56 MAXIA 4 (Red reflector) Top Case - Givi

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V56 MAXIA 4 (Red reflector) Top Case - Givi

Motorcycle top case with a 56-litre capacity. The appearance of the V56N, the fourth generation MONOKEY® MAXIA top case, stands out with its black cover, red reflectors, and anodised aluminium finish.

This model is big enough to hold up to 2 modular or full-face helmets. It features a double cover in plastic and aluminium, as well as lights/reflectors which also extend onto the outer band, with an internally strengthened edge.
There are many extras available for this motorcycle top case, including a synthetic leather backrest, a metal rack, a stoplight kit and the Keyless 2.0 automatic closure kit.

• Designed ABS cover
• Internally strengthened outer edge
• Covers available in plastic and aluminium (as per the current V47)
• Outer bands
• Optical reflectors/unit, with a small reflector on the outer band


Part no. - V56N

Brand - Givi, Italy