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SIXS DBX Complete Balaclava

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Complete balaclava

The SIXS full balaclava hat protects your neck and head, the most important parts of your body, very sensitive and extremely reactive to cold. At very low temperatures, this balaclava, thanks to the patented SIXS original carbon underwear material that withdraws the body moisture and perspiration from the skin, will strongly reduce the feeling of cold due to the wind. Moreover, in hot days, avoiding excessive perspiration, it gives unrivalled comfort, again through the patented SIXS original carbon underwear ® technology. The seamless design gives this product top comfort and top performance.

Good for sports training and competition both in the summer and in the winter.

Carbon Underwear Fabric
SIXS products do not make you feel hot but you do not feel cold with them!

High comfort
Thanks to its elastic structure, it fits perfectly your body

Your second skin
This apparel should be used directly in contact with your skin in order to obtain the greatest results