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Ratchet + Screwdriver Kit (1/4") - Tool Check - Wera Tools

Wera Tools

Ratchet + Screwdriver Kit (1/4") - Tool Check - Wera Tools

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Rs. 8,999.00

Ratchet + Screwdriver Kit (1/4") - Tool Check - Wera Tools

Combination tool consisting of a ratchet, bits, sockets and holder in a minimum of space. Ideal as a universal companion for a whole host of screwdriving applications. High quality bit holder with Kraftform Plus handle for pleasant, ergonomic working that prevents blisters and calluses. Hard gripping zones for high working speeds whereas soft zones ensure high torque transfer. Mini ratchet for rapid working when fastening jobs with a power tool or conventional hand tools are not feasible due to insufficient space. Rapid changeover from left to right direction and vice versa by using the switchover lever. Fast work possible by turning the thumbwheel (with the thumb) on the ratchet head. Simplest operation even with just one hand. Ergonomic ratchet head/lever: Kraftform geometry with perfectly shaped contact areas for the fingers. The direct bit take-up in the ratchet head makes for a mini tool design and is ideal for low working heights. The small return angle of 6° allows for precise work. Robust drop-forged, full steel design. Torque of over 65 Nm. The Rapidaptor bit holder with free-turning sleeve: can be used as an extension; for rapid bit change without any special tools – even the very smallest bits with just a single hand. Tough viscous bits for universal use. Sockets for both manual as well as power tool operations for almost all applications. "Take it easy" Tool Finder with colour coding according to size - for simple and rapid accessing of the required tool. Featuring a good grip to allow easy pick-up even with oily hands. Ball stop groove, for hex head bolts and nuts; chrome vanadium steel, matt chrome-plated. Feature: 
  • Convenient direction change thanks to switchover lever
  • Fine-pitched ratchet mechanism and small return  angle of 6
  • Very robust without any restriction on torque
  • Quick release chuck with rapidaptor technology
  • Take it easy tool finder with colour coding according to sizes


8001 A 1 x 1/4"x87.0   813 1 x 1/4"78
889/4/1 K 1 x 1/4"x50   870/1 1 x 1/4"25 1)
8790 HMA 1 x 5.5x23.0   851/1 TZ PH 2 x PH 1x25
  1 x 6.0x23.0     3 x PH 2x25
  1 x 7.0x23.0     1 x PH 3x25
  1 x 8.0x23.0      
  1 x 10.0x23.0      
  1 x 12.0x23.0      
  1 x 13.0x23.0      
855/1 TH PZ 1 x PZ 1x25   867/1 TZ TORX 1 x TX 10x25
  3 x PZ 2x25     1 x TX 15x25
  1 x PZ 3x25     1 x TX 20x25
        1 x TX 25x25
        1 x TX 30x25
        1 x TX 40x25
867/1 ZTORX BO 1 x TX 10x25   840/1 Z HEX PLUS 1 x 3.0x25
  1 x TX 15x25     1 x 4.0x25
  1 x TX 20x25     1 x 5.0x25
  1 x TX 25x25     1 x 6.0x25
  1 x TX 30x25     1 x 8.0x25
800/1 TZ 1 x 1.0x5.5x25      



Brand - Wera Tools, Germany

Part no. - 05056490001

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