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OBKE37APACK2 Trekker Outback EVO Natural Aluminium Side-Case, 37 LTR


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Side case in natural aluminium, 37 ltr. with MONOKEY® CAM-SIDE

Made from natural aluminium, the Trekker Outback EVO side case is available in versions for the right- and left-hand sides, which can be purchased either individually or as a pair.

The fastening mechanism used is MONOKEY® CAM-SIDE, while these EVO versions also offer anti-vibration points in cast aluminium and new hooks towards the bottom, which ensure a secure hold even on dirt roads and can be repaired in the event of strong impacts.

The rotating Detachable Lid System, which allows rotation to be paused or a full removal of the lid, has been renewed and strengthened with stainless steel.
The new Hold it Active System using hooks further increases ease of use: it allows the case to be tilted without the need to release it fully from the side frame, thus making it easier to open the lid in situations where a top case has been mounted.

The system can be activated or deactivated as needed, even when the case is mounted.
The Security Lock comes as standard. Purchasing PACK2, consisting of a pair of Outback EVO side-cases, a third lock cylinder that can be mounted on a top-case, if present, so that a single key can be used for all the equipment.
Finally, there is a vast range of optionals (available for purchase separately), including the internal courtesy light, the elasticated net for storage which can be fitted to the underside of the lid, the 35 ltr waterproof inner bag and the expandable x-line cargo bag, as well as other universal accessories.
For its cases, GIVI guarantees a degree of water resistance equivalent to a heavy rain. In particular, cases are tested with a special machine that simulates rain with a flow rate of 20 ltr/min. Click here for more information

Brand -  GIVI, ITALY

Part No - OBKE37APACK2

Country of Origin: ITALY
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Country of Import: ITALY
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