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Servo Buddy

Exhaust Valve Eliminator For Honda CBR 1000RR-Servo Buddy

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Exhaust Valve Eliminator For Honda CBR 1000RR-Servo Buddy

The Servo Buddy is THE solution to the common problem of what to do about the factory exhaust valve and servo motor system.

Completely eliminating the motor, valve, cables, etc. not only drops weight and frees up valuable space, but utilizing the Servo Buddy improves reliability by eliminating the common issue of the factory servo motor gears stripping out, or the motor burning up.

Servo Buddy utilizes OEM wire harness connectors providing a secure connection with no wire cutting. Most motorcycles will throw an FI code when the stock exhaust is removed. Servo Buddy cures this issue. This allows the rider to see if there is an actual problem when the FI light comes on, not due to an exhaust valve code

Brand-Servo Buddy

Part No-42-1550

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