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Product Information — flotool

FAQ'S about Mr. Funnel Flo Tool Fuel Filter

Bikenbiker Staff flotool fuel funnel

FAQ'S about Mr. Funnel Flo Tool Fuel Filter

SAFETY INFORMATION Fuel and its vapours are extremely flammable and explosive. Fill fuel tank outdoors, away from open flames, sparks, heat, and other ignition sources. Static electricity can ignite fuel and its vapours. Properly ground funnel, according to owners manual of the equipment you are refuelling. (Only black models are conductive and can be grounded) Do not overfill tank. If fuel spills, wait until it evaporates before starting the engine. Some droplets of fuel may remain in funnel after use. Do not store funnel in a plastic bag or another sealable container because that will prevent fuel from evaporating. Store...

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