Fitting Guide for Speedo Angels

Fitting Guide for Speedo Angels

These screen protectors can be fitted wet or dry. We recommend fitting them wet as this is very effective at removing air bubbles & allows easier alignment.

To fit your kit using the wet method you will need a spray bottle (or similar) filled with a water/dish soap solution. The solution helps with aligning the screen protector and allows you to move it around even after being applied to the dashboard.


Wet Fit Instructions

Dry Fit Instructions

We’re often asked for help and tips from those looking to get their Speedo Angels screen protector kit fitted as perfectly as possible. There’s limited room on the packaging for instructions, so we thought it would be worthwhile to offer some extended fitting instructions here. So we’ve put together this screen protector fitting guide…

The first thing you’ll want to do is check that you have everything in the kit that you should have. This will include 2 or more screen protectors (depending on if you ordered spare protectors), a squeegee card, a suede cloth and a rectangular sticky blue sheet. Once you’re happy your kit is complete, we can start the fitting process.


Line it up…

The first fitting tip is to take a screen protector and lay it on the dashboard so you get an idea of where it needs to be once fitted. Speedo Angels purposely make our screen protectors slightly smaller than the actual screen to help with the fitting process. On a dashboard screen with a complex shape – such as the YAMAHA MT-10/FZ-10 for example – this step is very important. You don’t want to have to keep removing your protector to try and get it lined up properly. By lining it up before removing the backing layers this will help when you’re ready to stick the protector down.


Clean, clean and clean again…

The most important part of the entire process is cleaning the dashboard. It is vital that it is as clean as possible. Any tiny amount of dirt/dust on the screen will result in a bubble on your protector. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to remove 100% of dust but it is important to spend a good amount of time attempting to.

Use the suede cleaning cloth to lift dirt and dust from the screen. If you have a plastic surround on the dashboard, as per the Yamaha R1 we have pictured here, ensure you get right into the edges and pick up as much dirt from there as possible as dirt on the edge of the screen can cause the protector to lift.

Once you’ve finished with the suede cloth, peel the blue rectangular sticky sheet and use this as a final way to lift dirt/dust from the screen. It is very effective around the edges. I would recommend moving from left to right trying to cover as much of the screen as possible.

Now to the sticky part…

The next step is to peel back the protective layer with the red label ‘1’ sticker. This reveals the sticky backing of the protector, so be careful not to touch it. Peel it approximately half way back and then apply it to the screen in the position you found earlier during the lining up exercise. Once you’re happy with the position of the screen protector, use the squeegee card and slowly start to apply the protector the entire way across, removing as many of the air bubbles as possible with the squeegee card.


You’re nearly there…

Once the screen protector is fully applied and you’re happy with the positioning, the next task is to remove any final air bubbles using the squeegee card. Using the suede side, push the bubble out at its nearest edge. If you have any dust trapped underneath, carefully lift the protector and using the blue sticky sheet, dab it on the dust to remove it and re-apply the protector.

When you have finished pushing the air out, peel the front protective layer off using the black number ‘2’ sticker to reveal your fitted screen protector. Any bubbles that remain can be helped out by using your suede cloth to gently push them out. Don’t use the squeegee card on the protector when the protective layers have been removed.

And that’s it! You’re done 


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Pic and content courtesy - Speedo Angels



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